Collaboration & Mobility - Key trends for 2019


Collaboration & Mobility - Key trends for 2019

One of the key challenges of the workspace conceiving today is the fact that a relevant portion of people no longer work at designated workstations. Informal meeting spaces are expected to be the office area most in demand in the next two years.

Balancing open spaces with privacy areas will remain a focal issue when planning an office environment. Room-in-room and phone booths are becoming the norm, especially in large projects, in Scandinavia, DACH and Western Europe, while this product is less used in the Southern region.

Improving acoustics in the office environment will be a major task for customers in the next two years. As a consequence, acoustic products will continue flooding offices. Among the partitioning products, the "easy" and flexible solution will be the most demanded in the next two years.

Customers will also pay more attention to ergonomic swivel chairs they will look to more advanced solutions in terms of mechanisms and materials. In line with this, the incidence of sit-stand desks on the total desks sold continues to expand among dealers.

A huge transformation is expected for the storage segment with locker walls to be a preferred solution in future workplaces. Office storage, in general, is becoming more and more technologically integrated.


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